House of Quality

To implemcenter colleagues to participate in related international standard quality control management system programsent TQM (Total Quality Management, TQM), to participate a comprehensive quality management training, referral , obtain international certification, enhance Center are on Information quality management awareness. To enhance the quality of information security, implementation of quality management in the information in the application, in 2004 TO 2006 inform security management system, and the British Standards Institute BSI (British Standards Institution) presented with certificates. In 2008,system has improve the quality of information services, BSI has also been awarded a certificate. Centre in accordance with International Standards Organization ISO (International Standards Organization) standards, ongoing PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act; planning, implementation, audit and continuous improvement) cycle, the promotion course and specific practices are as follows:

o improve service quality management 

n 1992 , Our School recommend the introduction of TQM, and to Coordinate the Executive, OIS write a monthly report and information system development reports on the work progress, then the competent master can held the working conditions and to review the central service operations; each term work plan form and complete semester term performance assessment form, the implementation of TQM and the PDCA periodic check, continuously improve the mechanism; to set key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators, KPI)each year,  to review KPI targets every year and to make the meeting of strategies and implementation directions every year. To review the large-scale of information systems development and to hold regular meetings control project progress.

2.Customer satisfaction questionnaires

The objective of TQM is to achieve "customer satisfaction." After 2006 OIS was held on the school staff and students satisfaction survey, take the initiative to understand the information provided by
OIS and the group of important infrastructure service satisfaction, the survey can be considered as an annual self-examination, it is the spirit of TQM. review the implementation process of the deviation. Questionnaire collected the students and faculty also proposed to do for each proposal, review and analysis, and to set out specific improvement measures and schedule, and handling the case announced at the Information Centre website, In order to seeking higher customer satisfaction and create a favorable interactive relationship. 

3.The pursuit of quality

In order to maintain Innovation and competition , we also
visit more than 30 domestic and international company. And going to visit foreign universities each year, to understand the situation and characteristics of each school , such as visits to Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Singapore, China and Malaysia and other,
OIS participated in a total of 11 times. And to visit the main administrative business and exchange of experiences, such as the experience of observing Yuan Ze University TQM, ISO certification, ... and so on, totaling more than 30 times, more than 70 people participating. After that, IPC making about six specific options: Quarters air conditioning cost control system, set the project manager, make good use of computer lab space, the establishment of the OIS help desk, use of IDC (Internet Data Center, Internet Data Center) room and recommendations build Cyber Channel.

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